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The artistic and behavioural patterns of the Nasrid culture

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The Conquest of Water. The Landscape of Water in Moorish and Christian Spain


  • The Low Gardens of the Generalife
  • The Court of the Main Canal of the Generalife
  • The Patio de la Sultana (the Soultana´s Court) and the shady side
  • The Water Stairway
  • El Mirador Romántico (Romantic Observation Point), Entrance to the ditch Acequia del Tercio
  • The hydraulic system of the Pools
  • The Orchards of the Generalife, the aqueduct and the Torre del Agua (Water Tower)
  • The Calle Real (Royal Street) and Baño de Muhammad III (Muhammad III´s Baths)
  • The Court of the Myrtles
  • The Court of the Lions
  • The gate Puerta de los Tableros and the Coracha (wall descending to the river for water supply)
  • El Bañuelo (Baths)



This activity will be offered: Thrusdays and Saturdays between 9:30 and 14:00, duration ca. 4 hours.

Meeting point at the scale models in the Pavilion at the General Access to the Complex.

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