Alhambra Other Look

The Architectural legacy of Al Andalus

Oher visits

The Alhambra: Territory, Space and City. Artistic and Functional Standards in Nasrid Culture.



  • Justice Gate
  • Wine Gate
  • Arms Gate and the gate next to the tower Torre de la Vela
  • Tahona Gate and the area next to Mexuar
  • Madraza of the Princes Court and Machuca Court
  • Machuca Gallery
  • The Mexuar- Oratory
  • Court of the Guilded Room
  • The Court of the Myrtles and Throne Room
  • The Court of the Lions
  • The Urban District and Calle Real (Royal Street), Muhammad III Bath and the Alhambra Medina
  • Seven-Storeys Gate
  • Parapet Walk and Abencerrajes Palace
  • Justice Gate
  • Ears Gate
  • Plaza Nueva
  • The Corral del Carbón
  • The Alcaicería
  • The Madraza

*Space closed to the public visit due to conservation matters.


This activity will be offered: Fridays between 9:30 and 14:00, duration ca. 4 hours.

Meeting point at the scale models in the Pavilion at the General Access to the Complex.

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