Ongoing projects

The Project conducts research on the genetic features and the different varieties of Moorish myrtles.

Other projects

Research on Moorish Myrtles

With the purpose of determining the genetic features and species types of the myrtles that grow in the monument enclosure, research studies analyse the different varieties of myrtles and establish whether they belong to the so-called “Moorish myrtle” species. The research work focuses on:

  • analysis of the historiography of the Moorish myrtle
  • locating botanical-related documents, particularly about the taxon, as well as other scientific documents that may exist on plant collections and the location of living plants in gardens and tree nurseries in the USA and North Africa
  • selection of a methodology to obtain molecular tracers
  • analysis of the genetic structure and diversity in the populations of myrtles that grow in the Alhambra and the Generalife for the purpose of obtaining the genetic trace of the Moorish myrtle