Regulations, Tips and Recommendations for Visitors

For a visit without mishaps it is recommended to read carefully the basic regulations to visit the Monument.

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  • Admission

    Rules governing admission to the Alhambra and the behaviour of visitors.

  • Tips

    We recommend that you read these rules and recommendations for visitors to the Alhambra carefully

  • Breach of the Regulations

    In order to ensure a problem-free visit we recommend that you read these basic rules about admission to the Monument carefully.


The acceptance of the norms of the Alhambra applies to any visitor when purchasing any kind of ticket of the monument: general or gardens.

These are:

  • To withdraw your ticket at least one hour prior to the time asignated to
    visit the Nasrid Palaces.
  • To hold a ticket per person with a barr code on it, including minors under twelve, whose tickets are free.
  • To access the Nasrid Palaces at the time indicated on the ticket.
  • To hold by the hand minors under eight due to safety reasons.
  • To leave at the left bagage any backpacks, bulky bags and prams or
    strollers (see plan).
  • To smoke, eat and drink only at the designated areas (see plan), being
    prohibited in any other areas throughout the itinerary of the monument.
  • There are fountains with potable water along the itinerary of the
  • To photograph without a trípode and flash, except when being authorized.


The ornamental elements : walls, pilars and columns, stuccos , windows and plants, must not be touched due to conservation reasons. The monument is integrated with elements from different periods and they are extremely fragile and easily damaged.

To contribute to the monument’s maintenance, please refrain from throwing

rubbish around except for the designated dustbins and rubish baskets.

During the stay in the monument it is not allowed to undress nor to walk or be bare feet. It is not permited to lay down on benches or gardens, nor to seat on walls or fences of any kind. It is not permited to bring animals within the monument except for dogs accompanying vision impaired people, which would help them move easily during the tour of the monument.

The Patronato de la Alhambra y el Generalife (the Monument’s Management

Body) reserves the right of modifying the itineraries due to safety reasons or celebrations of any specific event. It also reserves the right to limit the access to a number of areas aswell as restricting the time shifts printed on the tickets. It can even suspend the public visit of the monument temporally.

Camaras are installed throughout the ensemble of the monument ,in conformity to legal regulations, in order to preserve the historical and cultural legacy aswell as providing safety to the visitors and staff.

Compulsory norms for temporary exhibitions