Ongoing projects

The aim of the Project is to preserve and maintain the vegetable gardens and crop fields of the Generalife.

Other projects

Maintenance and Management of the Generalife Vegetable Gardens

The Preservation and management of the vegetable gardens is undertaken jointly with the Department of Agricultural and Forest Sciences and Resources of the University of Cordova. The project consists of:

  • A Documentation Plan that includes historical land survey studies, studies of the flora, archaeobotany and comparative ethnobotany in other locations in Granada,  as well as research studies of documental databases
  • Landscape restoration and recovery that focuses on locating tree species, recovery of the plotting system,  traditional irrigation systems, plot boundaries, and cultivation techniques; as well as uncovering plant varieties for cultivation, development of plant nurseries and germoplasma banks for plant sowing and plantation, and controlling the spread of exotic plant species, among other activities
  • A Land Use and Management Plan that takes into consideration the following criteria and guidelines: historical and monumental, landscape, creation of a plant nursery and germoplasma bank for wild plant species and crop plant varieties; instructional and socio-cultural use, as well as accreditation and certification, and a manual of good practices