The monumental complex of the Alhambra was built over the years and developed around existing buildings .

For your interest

  • Location

    The Alhambra sits on the Hill Sabika, which penetrates into the interior of a fertile plain.

  • Urban Distribution

    Located on the top of the hill, this huge “run-aground ship”, as it was described by classic historicists


The Alhambra is situated atop the Sabikah Hill, between the Darro and Genil rivers. It is surrounded by mountains. Arab writers compared Granada to a crown, with the diadem of the Alhambra on top.

The Alhambra is unique for its architectural wealth, which blends in well with the city, and its spectacular landscape.

The landscape and architectural wealth of the Alhambra can be especially appreciated in the Albaycin district (Saint Nicholas Observation Point - Mirador de San Nicolás) or from Sacromonte, where you can feel the close relationship between the Alhambra, the surrounding countryside and the city of Granada.