Because it was the only Gate that connected the centre of the city to the fortress, it was often used by the people of Granada.

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Gate of Arms

From the Military District of the Alcazaba we reach one of the most beautiful and spectacular lookout points in the Alhambra, overlooking the lower part of the city of Granada, Albaycin, Sacromonte and the valley of the Darro river: the terrace roof of the Gate of Arms, referred to as  Bib Silah  in a document of 1470. 

It is one of the four main official gates of the Alhambra and the most commonly used by the people of Granada for access into the fortress. Until the end of the 14th century it was the only gate leading directly to the centre of Granada. The other three gates were located in the outer wall of the city. 

It is also one of the main structures built during the Nasrid period in the 13th century, and is architecturally and ornamentally related to the traditional Almohade concept of protective L-shaped passageways.