Maintenance Shops

The Historical-artistic monuments maintenance shops carry out prevention, maintenance and intervention activities. 

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  • Restoration Workshops

    The Alhambra workshops appeared from the need for conservation and physical restoration of the buildings.

Conservation and Maintenance Workshops

Plumbing workshop

The daily maintenance of the Alhambra’s water system is one of the jobs of a team who keep a close watch on and take care of the water supply and flow levels, which must be exact and constant.


Electrical workshop

Lighting up the Alhambra and the Generalife requires elaborate electrical installations and equipment of proven quality, as electric light is a tool that shapes and highlights the architectural treasures hidden behind the walls of the monument and allows people to visit us at night.


Building workshop

The materials used in the buildings at the Alhambra, such as rammed-earth, lime concrete, brick, plaster, lime, stone and wood, are for the most part quite humble and need constant care and maintenance. The staff responsible for the daily care of these materials have been trained in direct contact with them and have received instruction in traditional building techniques.