Museum of the Alhambra

In 1994, the Museum of the Alhambra takes its current name, joined to the Council of the Alhambra and the Generalife.

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The Permanent Collection starts to look like a "Museum" in the mid 19th century, catalogued and gathered in different sectors of the Alhambra. Towards 1870, a Commission is appointed to carry out a classification of the collections, ordered to Mr. Contreras. In 1973, it is reported that objects were deposited in the "Museum of Antiques of the Alhambra". After this moment, it is known the installation of some of the collections in King Charles V’s Chambers (Habitaciones de Carlos V) and around the palaces of the Lions and Comares (Palacio de los Leones and Comares).

Among the items belonging to the Museum, it is worth mentioning the collection of domestic ceramic objects, in particular the Vase of the Gazelles taken as a reference of the Spanish-Moorish ceramic art.  Also outstanding are the marble building elements like columns, decorative carved boards, plasterwork or the collection of architectural wooden pieces.