Types of Visits

Evening visits to the Nasrid Palaces throughout the year and to the Generalife between March and November.

Other visits

  • Alhambra General

    Visits to the monument in the morning or evening within the established schedule.

  • Alhambra Gardens

    Visit the main landscaped areas of the Monument in the morning or in the afternoon.

  • The Dobla de Oro

  • Special Visit – Just For You

    Know the Alhambra on a very special way and on a preferential timetable (closed to public)

  • Alhambra Experiences

    Mode that combines night visit to Nasrid Palaces lit and daytime visit to Alcazaba, the Generalife Gardens and Palace on two consecutive days.

  • Alhambra & Rodríguez-Acosta Foundation

    Combined Visits to the Alhambra and to the amazing building of the Rodríguez-Acosta Foundation that is declared a National Monument due to its extraordinary architecture, gardens and a great collection of art.

  • The Alhambra Closer

    Initiative of the Patronato of the Alhambra and the Generalife for the dissemination of the Monument in society.

  • Hispanic Muslim Monuments

    Hispano Muslim Monuments. Alhambra of Granada

Alhambra at Night

Existen dos tipos de visita nocturna, la visita nocturna a palacios y la visita nocturna a jardines. Estas dos visitas son independientes entre sí e incompatibles ya que se realizan en el mismo horario.

Se ruega que durante la visita nocturna no se utilice el flash, ya que deslumbra a los demás visitantes causando molestias e impidiendo la serena percepción de unos itinerarios iluminados sugestivamente.

Los itinerarios sólo incluyen los espacios adaptados a estos tipos de visita por razones de seguridad y conservación.

  • Nasrid Palaces

    Nasrid Palaces

    With the admission ticket for this type of evening visit you can get to know the Nasrid Palaces under special illumination conditions.

  • Gardens and Palace of the Generalife

    Gardens and Palace of the Generalife

    With the admission ticket for this type of evening visit you can get to know the Gardens and the Palace of the Generalife under special illumination conditions.