The Alhambra is the main enclave of a complex territorial structure, which shows its predominance over the city of Granada.

Despite the limitations presented by the characteristics of the space through which the public visit route runs, with numerous narrow rooms, steps and uneven areas, as well as strictly conservationist reasons, technical measures and appropriate itineraries have been made available, facilitating access for visits by people with reduced mobility.

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The free access to architectural barriers of the Monumental Complex of the Alhambra and Generalife, and the possibility of circulating through the different spaces without inconveniences or obstacles, are essential conditions for achieving full accessibility, which is being worked on.
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Alhambra access

Silla de ruedas

Wheelchair loan

The Council of the Alhambra and Generalife has a service for hiring wheelchairs which may be taken from the Entrance Pavilion, if there is availability. For this, your data must be used for accreditation, and the hire form completed. The user commits to proper use and return of the wheelchair.


Circulation in the Monumental Complex

Doors / Lathes / Stairs / Ramps

The doors by which the different spaces are accessed have an adequate wideth (accessible itinerary)

Many of the uneven areas have ramps.


Conference hall

Palace of Carlos V by lift.



The Council of the Alhambra and Generalife has a public car park for facilitating wheelchair access to the monumental complex. It extends from the entrance rotunda at the cemetery to the Entrance Pavilion, where the ticket offices are located. It is set out in various areas depending on the type of vehicle: a car park for buses and caravans (the first can be found in P-4) as well as three more areas for private vehicles and for adapted vehicles (P-1). The car park is open and monitored 24 hours a day.





Due to the difficulties of installing toilets in a monument with these characteristics, there are only a limited, though sufficient number. You must consider this circumstance before starting the visit. They are located in:

  • entrance pavilion (disabled toilets)
  • services pavilion, next to the puerta del Vino (disabled toilets)
  • Lower Gardens of the Generalife


Element of the Alhambra

Touch points

The Alhambra continues working to make the Monument more accessible. For this reason, some “touch points” have been installed on the public visit itinerary so that people with visual impairments and other visitors can perceive the characteristics and details of the elements tht decorate the Monumental Complex by touch. In this way, they participate in the preventive conservation of the monument.


Assistance dogs

Assistance dogs can access the Monumental Complex of the Alhambra and Generalife and Andalusian Monuments, in accordance with the rights and limitations establihsed in Law 19/2009 of the 26th of November on access for people accompanied by assistance dogs, and specifically guide dogs, as established in Law 11/2003 of the 24th of November on Animal Protection.

Likewise, the entrance of therapy or social support dogs is permitted when the corresponding accreditation granted by the competent body is provided.


Audio guides with audio description

There is an audioguide service with audiodescription available in various languages to facilitate the visit.

Leaflet (future leaflet in braille)


Descriptive panel of the Alhambra
Lengua de signos

Audio guide with sign language

There is a sign language audioguide service.