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Gate of the Seven Floors

Puerta de los Siete Suelos

Name of the tower: Gate of the Seven Floors.
Period: XIV century
Outstanding features: Its monumental character, decoration and the complex structure of the gate, together with the symbolic character with which the monarchs tried to express its capacity and majesty.

The Gate of the Seven Floors is located on the southern flank of the walls that enclose and protect the Alhambra. It was built with the present configuration around the mid XIV century, during the period of Yusuf I, substituting a smaller one. It’s the closest one to the Medina and according to the chronicles it had a rather ceremonial character, there were military parades and tournaments carried out outside the gate. The gate goes from being a mere defensive bastion to became more of an emblem of political prestige.

Among other characteristics it presents a zig-zaging disposition which protects it, since the enemy was obliged to turn a number of times before entering the citadel.

The Patronato de la Alhambra y Generalife (official board) carried out the complete face lift and reintegration of the bulwark of the tower which is now available to be admired and enjoyed by the visitors.

TIMETABLE: From 8:30 to 20:00. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday.
ACCESS: With ticket “Alhambra general” and “Alhambra Gardens”
CAPACITY: Maximum 30 people at one time.

Junio 2019 Martes, miércoles, jueves y domingo. 8.30h - 20.00h