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Tower of the candle

The Candle's Tower, named Major tower in nasrid times and Sun's gate during the s.XVI as it reflects the sun in the front wall at midday, working as a sun clock for the city.

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In the style of a “prow” of a great boat named Alhambra and opening its way through the tranquil waters of Granada and its fertile plain, is the Watchtower, in Nasrid times called Major Tower and during the 16th century Gate of the Sun as it reflected on the main façade of noon like a sundial for the city.

The interior consists of four floors, the basement with a dungeon and terrace on the upper part, and on the floors there are constructive structures such as brick pillars, central vault and vaulted side galleries. The lowest part is the most solid for the stability of the tower, and as we ascend, the inner space is wider. Originally, and for defensive purposes, there were battlements on the terrace, but they were lost over time as a consequence of earth tremors. An important element is the bell situated on the terrace, which on sounding alerted and called the attention of the residents on numerous occasions, for various reasons, uprisings, commemorations, decrees, etc.

The base of the tower has a barbican around it, which was the natural entrance way to the interior of the Alcazaba, independent of the walled precincts. It communicates with the great Gate of Arms and with the building destined for stables.