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The high gardens

The high gardens are more related to a traditional "Carmen granadino" from the time, that to a muslim rustic estate.

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The gardens can be reached by taking the Stairway of the Lions (Escalera de los Leones), so called because of the two ceramic figures atop the door. The stairway dates back to the 19th century, when the steep steps were mounted to the top of the Generalife High Gardens.

The Gardens, spread across several terraces in the palatial area of the Generalife and protecting the palace at its highest point, offer a marvellous view of the entire site.

Tiny fountains with jets can be seen in the nearby parterres, with lovely specimens of magnolia trees, scented shrubs, and a carefully laid out selection of evergreen and deciduous trees that protect against the cold winds from the north the gardens, including a small, romantic botanical garden of the European humanist sort.

A visit to this area will highlight the visible contrast that exists within the Alhambra Historical-Artistic Monuments Complex, which brings together Medieval and Renaissance styles, both with traces of nostalgic Romanticism that can be appreciated here as perhaps nowhere else.

It is for this reason that a visit to the highest gardens is a must, following the Muslim stairway and descending the very much Europeanized terraced pergola.
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