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The golden room

The beautiful wooden roofing which covers it, gives name to this room whose original decoration is work of Muhammad V.

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Through the small door framed by a horseshoe arch that only allows access to one person in order to limit the flow of visitors from one room to the other, we reach the courtyard, where in the 14th century the Sultan received his vassals in the Alhambra.

To the north of the courtyard, behind the three-arched portico, is the Golden Room, whose original decoration is attributed to Muhammad V. The name of the room is derived from the beautiful woodwork ceiling, which was repainted and decorated, like the rest of the room, under the rule of the Catholic Monarchs, as evidenced by the representation of their emblem, the yoke and arrows, and the main window with a central column and Mudejar-style capital. The room was used by the officials and secretaries of the Muslim court to write down and carry out the Sultan’s orders.

Under the room runs the road used by the security guard of the palaces. Originally the road ran uncovered on top of the wall. But the subsequent alterations and transformations of the palaces in the 14th century left it hidden, like the original structure of this sector of the Alhambra.

The upper floor of the room, also modified, lodged Empress Isabel of Portugal in the summer of 1526, and later the Governors and Alcaides of the Alhambra.