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Bibarrambla Gate

Popularly known as Bibarrambla Gate, Bab al-Ramla in Arabic or Puerta del Arenal, names taken from its original location.

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Popularly known as the Puerta de Bibrambla, Bab al-Ramla in Arabic or Puerta del Arenal, names adopted due to its original location. It is also called Arco de las Orejas, due to assumptions, because there the members of criminals executed by justice were displayed.

It was located at the face of the wall of the medina de Granada until the last quarter of the 19th century, and between 1873 and 1884 a process began for its demolition. This door accessed the square of the same name, the nerve-center of Nasrid Granada which extended over the plain. It was made mainly from mudwall, with certain formal and structural elements made from stone,
After a process of polemic debate on the demolition or renovation of the door, and although its structure was declared a National Monument, it was ultimately disassembled. The door was taken apart piece by piece and kept in the Archaeological Museum of Granada, until 1933 when conservation architect of the Alhambra, Leopoldo Torres Balbás decided to reconstruct it and place it in its original location, in the Paseo de las Alamedas of the Alhambra, as the Puerta de las Granadas is crossed on the left, inserted in the forest. It is perfectly integrated in the Monumental Complex with the architectural taste of the period, the “poetry of ruins”, evoking past-times in the imaginations of passers-by since the start of the 20th century.